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What is Art Jewelry?

Based upon my experience, this is what I think Art Jewelry is ...


Art Jewelry is an art using bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings and brooches as a canvas. It sometimes is called Wearable Art. The artist that creates the design takes into consideration the possibilities of the mediums they are working with, the technical challenges in execution and the comfort in wearing the jewelry. Art jewelry is hand-crafted, by the artist, and often uses multiple mediums, such as plastics, wood, glass, clay, gold-plated brass, and semi-precious stones, within one jewelry piece.

The artist designs the jewelry, often sketching it out or even creating a miniature painting of the final piece before even his/her craftsmanship is applied. The best Art Jewelry attracts and holds your attention because it truly is a piece of art.

The artist then moves to hand-crafting the piece. It often takes several days to execute one piece. It requires a wide breadth of knowledge of jewelry-making techniques, materials, and processes.

The result is jewelry that is, in and of itself, creative. When the wearer puts it on, it should feel and look creative, it should complement the outfit, and it should feel comfortable even after wearing it for hours.

Can all jewelry be called Art Jewelry? No. Most jewelry is mass-produced, uses well-known shapes and elements, and does not attract attention unless it’s very expensive.

Art jewelry is for the woman who is creative herself, with good taste and values hand-crafted art. It can be on the high-priced side, relative to cheaper mass-produced jewelry, if designed and produced by a very professional designer.

If you want to feel, look and be creative, try wearing high quality Art Jewelry, and you’ll see what I mean.


Vladimir Deming                     

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