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"Hello, thanks for visiting my site! I'd like to share with you some thoughts about my jewelry..."

"When I designed this collection, my aim was to create unique, elegant, and dramatic jewelry. This jewelry not only complements an outfit but, also, can accentuate its style. Jewelry from this collection can be worn daily as well as with formal wear.

In my work I reveal the beauty hidden within the mediums I use, and unify the physical harmony between the jewelry and the body, resulting in a soft, light and comfortable feeling for the wearer.


The combination of simplicity of design, a floating feeling, the balanced proportions, the classical with modern style, the contrasting colors, materials, and the sculpturing techniques all combine into a specific recognizable style of my work.

I often work with Plexiglas as my base since it allows an artist a great deal of flexibility. Then I often complement it with gold-plated brass, sometimes which is reticulated, which is a decorative surface-finishing technique. I, also, may use semi-precious stones and other materials as I work.


I made this collection for the creative woman who wants to look elegant with the addition of artistic accents to their look."

Vladimir Deming

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